Escalloped Apples

Oil a pudding dish, and put a layer of peeled, sliced apples in the bottom. Sprinkle with sugar and flour and a very little nut meal. Fill the dish in this manner, and bake one hour, covering the dish to prevent burning on the top. Serve cold or hot.

Floating Island

Make a custard of the yolks of 4 eggs and 2 whole eggs, 2/3 of a quart of water, a pinch of salt, and sugar to taste. Cook just enough to let the custard set, but not to get watery. Pour into a large dish. Beat the whites of the eggs to a stiff froth, flavoring with sugar and vanilla. Take a spoonful at a time, and place in gently boiling water; leave a minute and turn over, leave another minute and take out, placing on top of the custard. Serve as cold as possible.

Apple Foam

Peel and grate 1 large sour apple, sprinkling over it a small cupful of powdered sugar as you grate it, to keep it from turning dark. Break into this the whites of two eggs, and beat it all constantly for one-half hour. Take care to have it in a large bowl, as it beats up very light and stiff. Heap this in a glass dish, pour a fine, smooth custard around it, and serve.

Cranberry Tapioca

Take 3 cups of cranberry juice, the juice of 1 orange, 1/2 cup "minute" tapioca, or sago, and 1/4 cup sugar; boil gently for fifteen minutes; serve with nut cream.

Tapioca And Nuts

Soak 1 cup of tapioca in 1 pint of water, add 1 quart of boiling water, and cook in a double boiler until clear; then stir in 1 cup of seedless raisins and 1 cup chopped almonds and cook one hour or longer. Some use stoned or even whole raisins, and others a mixture of raisins and currants. This can be molded, and used cold with nut meal sprinkled over it, or with a nut gravy.

Fairy Pudding

Select good tart apples that will cook quickly, put them in a bowl or pudding dish, and place in the oven to heat. While it is heating, make a puff paste by mixing 1 cup of flour, 1 cup of nut milk, 1 egg well beaten, and a little salt.

Beat the flour and salt into the milk, then add the well-beaten egg by folding it in, and pour this over the apples, which should be sprinkled with a little sugar before pouring on the batter. Bake in a quick oven.

Surprise Pudding

Cut one-half inch slices of white bread with a cooky cutter, and pour over the pieces cranberry juice, or any other fruit juice which will color them pink or red; place two together on a saucer, and cover with a hot sauce made with 1 pint of cocoanut milk thickened with 1 tablespoonful of corn-starch, and sweetened to taste. Stir until it thickens, and let cook for about ten or fifteen minutes; then pour this hot over the pink rounds of bread, and serve at once. The white sauce covers up the pink, and gives a pleasant surprise to the eater.

Surprise Dessert

Take slices of white bread and cut out some stars of medium size. Spread them with dates, which have been ground, and stirred to a paste with water. When spread, put two of the stars together. If desired, the bread may be spread with nut butter before putting on the dates. Put on the top of each a little pyramid of jelly cut by turning a teaspoon in the jelly. The accompanying figure will help to get the correct idea. This dessert is to be served in individual dishes with nut cream; cocoanut cream is very nice with this dessert.

Surprise Dessert.

Surprise Dessert.