Boiled Potatoes

Place in deep kettle with perforated pan in bottom of kettle, and cover with sufficient water to cook them, but not to immerse the potatoes in the boiling water, as the skins are liable to burst, and thus the food be wasted in the boiling water. Cover very closely. When very well done take in towel and squeeze each one lightly and break the skin; this allows some of the moisture to escape and leaves the flesh in a light, fine, mealy condition. If the potatoes are not in this condition it is because of immaturity or watery quality which is characteristic of tubers grown in soils and climate not well adapted to potato culture.

Baked Potatoes

Place in moderate oven for thirty minutes or more, then increase to quick heat to finish. When done take in a towel and squeeze lightly, enough to crack the skin, which should not be baked until a thick crust is formed, as by so doing the cortical layer, which adds so much to flavor and nutrition, is lost. Potatoes thus treated may be served immediately or will keep well for a short time if placed in a warming oven.

Mashed Potatoes

Boil or steam potatoes in their skins until very thoroughly done. Peel and mash in a hot kettle, seasoning with hot milk, adding butter and cream according to taste. Many like the added flavor of a little grated onion or finely minced chives.

The secret of having these in perfection is in mashing and beating thoroughly with a wire beater until they are light and creamy.

Special Baked Potatoes

Bake as for ordinary baked potatoes. When cooled sufficiently to be handled without burning the hands, cut skin from one side, scoop out contents into a hot kettle, mash and beat very thoroughly, seasoning carefully as for mashed potatoes. Fill shells, place a small piece of butter in top of each, and brown in quick oven. Grated cheese over the tops while baking is a welcome addition for many tastes.

Harvest Home Potatoes

Take smooth medium-sized potatoes, cut a thin slice from one side, scoop out contents. Mince finely, seasoning with salt and pepper and minced parsley. Place in shells and cover with very thin slices of bacon so arranged that, in cooking, the fat from the bacon may run down into the minced filling. Finely chopped celery may be added to the mixture.

Buttered bread crumbs may garnish the tops, if liked, instead of bacon.

Cracker crumbs and milk may be added to the filling. In fact almost any number of variations may be invented.

Place in hot oven and bake until thoroughly done. Set in warm oven for fifteen minutes or more before serving; this gelatinizes the filling, giving it a rich, creamy texture.

Potato Soup

Boil, steam, or bake potatoes until thoroughly done, then peel and mash very finely, adding while mashing a spoonful of flour for each good-sized potato.

Season with salt, pepper, minced celery, chives or grated onion as liked. Add milk to make desired consistency.

This is one of the most highly nutritious soups.