Cooking Recipes By A Famous Chef

The following recipes were compiled for this book by Emil Tenthorey, chef at Hotel Colorado, Glenwood Springs, Col. In polite society potatoes are only admitted "en robe de chambre," - that is to say, in their jackets - to the midday meal and then not on formal occasions. At such times the following are used:

Potato Georgette

Special recipe of M. Joseph, chef of the Cafe Paillard: Take a potato and hollow it out, filling the hollow with a salpicon of shrimp tails drenched in a bisque sauce made from the heads and pounded bodies of the shrimps. Cover the potato with some of the mashed insides and bake very well done and serve hot.

Pommes de Terre aux oeufs

From the recipe of a famous French chef: Put a good sized lump of butter into the pan, as soon as it is hot, and brown some onions in it. Cut some cold potatoes, which have been boiled in their skins and afterward peeled, into slices. Throw these into the pan, spread over them the well-whipped yellow of two eggs. Salt, pepper and serve when the potatoes have taken a nice brown color on each side.

Potatoes Hangraise

Slices of cold boiled potatoes and onions fried together, then baked in the oven with a little grated cheese thrown over it and garnished with finely chopped parsley.

Potatoes a la Maires

Potatoes cut in rounds, boiled until barely done in salted water, drained and put in cream which has been reduced to a state of condensed richness by evaporation in a steam vessel. The reduction of the cream to one half its volume is the special and essential feature of this recipe.

Potatoes Hashed in Cream

Cut three warm boiled potatoes into small even pieces, add them to half a pint of boiled cream and a salt spoonful of salt.

Potatoes Anna

Specialty of Delmonico's, New York: Cut very thin slices from across the largest potatoes, lay the slices in flat layers on a small plate; spread fresh butter freely over the potatoes, then add another layer, and so on until the potatoes are about four inches high. Bake until the potatoes are tender (about one half hour) in a quick oven:

Potatoes a la Bonne Boucke

Slice some boiled potatoes, chop a blade of shallot, also a little parsley very fine. Place in a stewpan with a small piece of butter and a pinch of mixed sweet herbs. Let simmer slowly for five minutes, then put in the potatoes, sprinkle some seasoning over them and let simmer slowly for ten minutes, occasionally stirring to prevent burning. Just before serving squeeze the juice of a lemon over the potatoes.

Potato Croquettes

Dry boiled or steamed potatoes with butter, salt and egg yolks, all mashed together, rolled into cone shape, breaded, or rolled in cracker dust, and fry in hot lard.

Potatoes Duchesse

Large slices of raw potatoes cut in fancy shapes, sprinkled with salt, dipped in eggs and baked.