Potatoes Victoria

Same as croquettes, dipped in egg and baked to a light brown color.

Potatoes Gastronome

Potatoes raw, cut in shape of bottle corks with tube cutter, boiled barely done in salt water, drained, and finished in hot lard, dust with salt and chopped parsley.

Potatoes Monico

Raw potatoes cut size and shape of a half dollar, cooked barely done in salt water, drained and finished in hot lard. Dust with chopped parsley and paprika.

Potatoes Julienne (Shoestring Potatoes)

Cut raw into very fine shreds like straws, cook quickly in hot lard, dust with fine salt.

Between the Acts Potatoes Same as Julienne, only cut about twice as large.

Potatoes a l'Anglaise

Boiled potatoes in skins, peeled, cut in quarters, shaken up with soft butter, salt and chopped parsley.

Potatoes au Gratin

Boiled potatoes sliced in cream sauce with Parmesan cheese and cracker dust on top. Bake to a golden brown in oven.

Potatoes au Lard

Stewed potatoes with finely minced bacon in the sauce.

Potatoes Saute

Boiled potatoes cut in slices, fried in pan in hot lard or butter.

Pommes Nouvelles a la Creme

New potatoes peeled and stewed in cream.

Potato Queuelles

Potatoes boiled or steamed, then mashed with salt, butter and egg yolk, rolled in balls, well breaded and fried in very hot lard.

Potato en Surprise

Bake large potatoes in the skins until three quarters done. Make a tubular opening in the end and hollow out the end. Tightly roll a thin strip of bacon, insert in the opening, close the end and bake until done.

Potatoes Bretonne

Cold boiled potatoes cut in cubes. Fry with onions and brown sauce.

Potato Colbut

Same as Bretonne. Add chopped parsley.

Potatoes Nacarroise

Potatoes cut in cubes, parboiled and fried to a light color in oil.

Potatoes Regente

Same as potato croquettes - hollow out and fill with pattie mixture of lobster. Replace end and stand upright.

Saratoga Potatoes

Cut into very thin slices, wash and steep in water for the starch to settle. Fry in hot lard. Dust with salt and pepper.

Hotel Potatoes

The following list is from the breakfast bill of the Brown Palace Hotel, Denver, Col.:

Potatoes, French Fried.... 15 Potatoes, Saratoga Chips.. 20

Potatoes, O'Brien........30

Potatoes, Hashed Brown. .20

Potatoes, Sweet...........25

Potatoes au Gratin.......25

Potatoes, German Fried.. . 20

Potatoes, Baked.........15

Potatoes, Julienne.......25

Potatoes, Saute.........15

Potatoes, Parisienne.....25

Potatoes, Lyonnaise.....20

Potatoes Stewed in Cream. 25

Battle Creek Recipes

The following recipes, which are in daily use at the Battle Creek Sanitarium, have been furnished by Miss Lenna F. Cooper, director of the Battle Creek Sanitarium School of Health and Household Economics: