Grape Conserve

3 pounds grapes. 1 pound seeded raisins. 3 pounds sugar. 2 lemons. 3 medium-sized oranges.

Wash grapes; mash, and cook in porcelain kettle until soft. Strain through a sieve. Add sugar, raisins chopped well, and juice of two lemons. Add lemon rinds flaked in small pieces. Add oranges cut in thin slices. Cook one and one-half hours. Seal while hot.

Rhubarb and Orange Conserve

6 cups rhubarb. 2 cups orange pulp. 8 cups sugar.

Cut rhubarb into small pieces; add orange pulp and sugar, and cook slowly one hour. A little water may be added if necessary.

Strawberry and Pineapple Conserve

2 pineapples, cut in cubes after peeling. 3 quarts strawberries. 4 pounds sugar.

Boil all together until consistency of jam. Stir occasionally, to keep from burning. Seal in jars, and process for five minutes.

Green Tomato Conserve

12 pounds green tomatoes. 1 ounce ginger root. 8 pounds white sugar. 3 sliced lemons.

Slice tomatoes and drain over night. Put sugar and one pint of water in preserving kettle. When sugar is dissolved, add tomatoes, and simmer slowly four hours. Add ginger root chopped fine, and lemons sliced thin. Cook one-half hour longer. Seal in jars.

Yellow Tomato Conserve

2 quarts pear-shaped yellow tomatoes. 2 lemons. 1 cup seeded raisins. 2 1/2 pounds sugar. 4 tablespoons thinly sliced candied ginger. 1/2 teaspoon salt.

Put the tomatoes in preserving kettle; sprinkle sugar and salt over the top, and stir and break with wooden spoon until sugar is dissolved. Add grated rind of lemon, lemon juice, ginger, and raisins chopped fine. Cook until mixture is consistency of marmalade. Seal in one-half pint jars, and process ten minutes.

Apple Butter

4 quarts apples. 2 ounces ginger root. 2 lemons. Sugar by weight.

Pare and chop apples. Make a syrup, using one pound of sugar to each pound of fruit. Measure the amount of sugar, add equal measure of water, and boil until syrup is thick. To syrup add grated rinds and juice of lemons, ginger root chopped fine, and apples, and cook until consistency of jam. Seal air-tight in jelly glasses or pint jars. Cover with melted paraffin if jelly glasses are used.

Old-fashioned Apple Butter

Use the sound portion of windfall, wormy, or bruised apples to make into butter. The early summer varieties do not make good apple butter. Use the late, good cooking apple for this purpose. Boil sweet cider, just from the press, in a porcelain-lined kettle until reduced one-half. Pare, core, and quarter apples. Put into reduced cider, and boil until apples are tender. Put in as many apples as the cider will cover. Stir constantly, and cook until the consistency of marmalade. Just before removing from the fire, add two teaspoonfuls of ground cinnamon, half a teaspoon of clove, and one-half teaspoon of grated nutmeg to each quart of apple butter. This will keep in a stone crock, or may be stored in jars. Sugar to taste may be added, if desired, in the last quarter of cooking. No hard and fast rule applies to spices, as individual taste may be followed largely.