Always Read The General Directions


6 pounds cooked meat (beef or tongue), chopped. 3 pounds raisins, chopped. 3 pounds currants. 2 pounds citron, chopped. 2 pounds suet, chopped. 4 pounds brown sugar. 2 cups sweet cider. 2 cups liquid in which meat has boiled. 2 tablespoons allspice. 2 tablespoons mace. 2 tablespoons clove. 2 tablespoons cinnamon. 3 tablespoons salt.

Combine ingredients, and cook slowly one hour. When making pies, add apples, one part to two of mincemeat.

The original recipe called for one pint of sherry wine and one-half pint of brandy, but fruit juices may be substituted, or the wine and brandy may be omitted from the recipe without in any way spoiling results.

Mincemeat No. 2

Cheshire, England

1 pound beef. 1 pound suet. 1/4 pound preserved lemon peel. 1/4 pound preserved orange peel. 1 pound currants. 1 pound raisins. 3 quarts apples, chopped, with peel on. 3 cups sugar. 2 glasses currant jelly. 1 cup boiled-down cider. 1 tablespoon salt. 1 tablespoon clove. 1 tablespoon nutmeg. 1 tablespoon ginger. 1 tablespoon cinnamon.

Cook beef, and chop fine with suet. Add other ingredients, and cook ten minutes. Seal hot in jars. Adjust rubber, cover, and partially seal. Process ten minutes in hot water bath. Mincemeat which is to be used at once will keep without processing. Simply seal air-tight.

The original recipe calls for one cup of brandy. Fruit juices may be used instead, with satisfactory result.

Vegetable Mincemeat

Newton Centre

1 peck green tomatoes (chop and drain). 2 lemons, chopped fine. 3 pounds brown sugar. 2 pounds white sugar.

Boil the above for two and one-half hours, slowly. Then add

1/2 peck apples, chopped fine. 3 pounds raisins, chopped fine. 1/2 pound blanched almonds, chopped. 1 cup boiled-down sweet cider. 1 cup vinegar. 1 glass currant jelly. 1 tablespoon vegetable oil. 2 teaspoons each cinnamon and clove. 1 teaspoon each allspice and nutmeg. Salt to taste.

Cook until apples are clear. Seal in jars hot. Process ten minutes.