Dutch Salad

4 quarts green tomatoes. 6 green sweet peppers. 1 1/2 quarts button onions. 6 teaspoons mustard. 1 quart cucumber pickles. 1 tablespoon turmeric powder. 1 head cauliflower. 2 cups sugar. 1 bunch celery. 1 cup flour. 2 1/2 quarts vinegar.

Chop tomatoes and peppers fine. Break cauliflower into flowerets, discarding only the leaves. Discard leaves of celery, cut stalks into inch pieces. Peel onions. Combine all vegetables, with the exception of the cucumber pickles. Cover with brine and let stand twenty-four hours. Then boil in the same brine for thirty minutes, and drain. To cooked vegetables add cucumber pickles, cut in half-inch cubes.

Mix dry ingredients with water, to form a smooth paste. Add vinegar, boiling hot, and cook until creamy. Pour over well-drained vegetables. Cook a few minutes. Seal air-tight. This will keep two or three years.

Sweet Pickled Cherries

3 quarts red or black cherries. 2 pounds sugar. 3 cups vinegar. 1/4 teaspoon ground clove. 1/2 teaspoon cinnamon.

Remove cherry pits. Combine vinegar, sugar, and spices, and cook until syrup is thick. Pour over cherries and simmer for three minutes. Let stand over night and cook again, boiling gently for ten minutes. Seal in jars.

Sweet Pickled Crabapples

7 pounds crabapples. 1 quart vinegar. 1 pint water. 3 pounds sugar. 2 tablespoons whole cloves.

Boil sugar, water, and vinegar ten minutes. Add cloves and crabapples. Cook until apples are tender, but not soft. Pack into jars. Cook syrup until thick, and fill crevices between apples with hot syrup. Seal air-tight.

Ripe Cucumber Pickle

10 large, ripe cucumbers. 1 quart vinegar. 2 pounds sugar. Spice bag.

Pare and seed large, ripe cucumbers. Cut each cucumber lengthwise into four pieces. Let stand twenty-four hours, covered with vinegar, in a cool place. Drain.

Boil two pounds of sugar and one quart of vinegar for twenty minutes, with spice bag containing two teaspoons cinnamon and one of clove. Remove bag. Add drained cucumbers, and cook in syrup until tender. When soft, pack cucumbers in hot jars. Cinnamon stick may be added to the jars when packing. Cook syrup down until thick enough to jell on a saucer, and pour hot over cucumbers. Seal. This is delicious if kept six months before opening.

Sweet Marlborough Pickle

8 pickled limes (commercial variety). 12 green tomatoes. 3/4 pound of sugar to every pound of mixture.

Remove seeds from limes, and chop limes fine with the tomatoes. (Do not throw away any of the lime juice.) Add sugar and cook two hours. As mixture thickens, add juice from limes, to keep from burning. Seal in glasses and cover with paraffin.

Sweet Peach Pickle

8 pounds peaches. 1 teaspoon allspice. 4 pounds brown sugar. 1 teaspoon cassia buds. 1 quart vinegar. 6 whole cloves. Stick cinnamon (4 good-sized pieces).

Put spices in bag. Make syrup of sugar and vinegar. Add spice bag, and cook until syrup is thick. Peel and stone peaches, if desired. Cook in syrup until soft. Remove peaches from syrup without breaking, put into jars, and pour syrup over them. Next day, drain off syrup; boil again until thick, and return to peaches. Repeat process three days. This will keep in a stone crock.