This book of recipes and instructions was compiled especially for Butler Mfg. Co. It embodies the methods of canning which are used and thoroughly approved by Home Economic Departments of Colleges and Universities. Government and experimental bulletins have been canvassed and an accurate compilation has been made. This is a valuable booklet for anyone.

If inexperienced in canning, we recommend that you read carefully the Butler book on Home Canning recipes and instructions, before attempting to use the outfit.

After filling the jars or cans with food in accordance with directions found in book of recipes, place jars in racks and lower into the canner, which is the boiler.

After racks are in place, see that proper amount of water is in boiler, then place the lid on securely and cook or process for specified time shown in book of recipes.

Caution should be used in placing and removing both lid and racks. Should the handles of the lower rack when No. 2 Outfit is used, slightly interfere with putting in the upper tray, simply bend the handles of the lower tray outward slightly over the top of the body of the boiler or canner. By letting the tray down into the canner about half way and then slightly pushing the top of the wire handles out will cause the tops of the handles to lay close to the inside of the boiler and out of the way of the upper tray which then slips down into place easily.

We maintain a special department conducted by an expert on canning and if the operation of your outfit is not fully understood or if any information on canning subjects is desired, kindly address us.