"Waste no food; save and conserve" is the national slogan of today. The 50 per cent of the garden and orchard products which is allowed to go to waste must be conserved before we can say that we are living up to our slogan. To successfully accomplish this it is going to be necessary that a canning outfit be in continual use in every home, all through the summer months. A complicated canning aparatus is not essential for this; THE BUTLER HOME STEAMER is a simple combination water and steamer outfit which can be placed on any stove at any time. It requires just the one burner or stove-hole for operation and canning with the Butler doesn't crowd out all work for the rest of the day.

It is not necessary to have a bushel or two of fruit or of vegetables on hand before it is practicable to start canning. Whenever more vegetables are brought in from the garden than can be used at the table immediately, can them for the future. Two or four cans of any food may be made ready for the canner at the same time preparation is being made for table use and but little more time is required.

Prepare the necessary amount for the table, the surplus for the canner and the actual canning may be done while the meal is being prepared. The BUTLER CANNER may be run just as successfully with a few jars at a time as when filled to the greatest capacity. If two vegetables or fruits are ready at the same time, there is no reason why one should over ripen while waiting to can the other. Even though string beans and peas require different lengths of time, they may be cooked together in any Butler Outfit, especially in the No. 2 Home Steamer, in which the beans are placed in the top rack and lifted out when done; the peas in the bottom where they can continue cooking undisturbed. The same thing applies to tomatoes and peaches, which often ripen at the same time; the tomatoes in this case should occupy the lower rack because they cook longer.