As the jars are made ready, set them on the racks of the BUTLER HOME CANNER and then lower into place. If hot syrup or brine has been used the jars will be hot enough to be put down into hot water without breaking. The water can be heating while the material is being prepared and much time is saved. Put the lower rack in and if the water does not come up half way on the jars add more. The second rack may then be put in, resting on the tops of the other jars. Put on lids tightly and let the water boil violently before beginning to count time. The lid of the No. 2 Steam Outfit is made especially deep and fits tightly on the inside of the cooker, thus holding in the steam and retaining practically all of the heat. The steam which circulates freely in all Butler Outfits, heats the jars in the upper rack. If the lid is lifted off after the water has begun to boil violently, the contents in the jars of the upper tier can be seen to be boiling. An ordinary cooking thermometer inserted through the cork so that the bulb extends well into the interior of the can, will be a great convenience, as the temperature may be accurately determined. Temperature should stay at or about 212 degrees Fahrenheit or 100 degrees Centigrade.