Gooseberry Preserves:

Stem and wash the berries, put them into a preserving kettle, half cover them with water, and boil them until they are tender but not until the skins burst. Add as much sugar as there is fruit. Stew the mixture until it is a rich amber color. Seal the preserves in jars or pour them into jelly glasses and cover them with melted paraffin.

Caution: Use care to prevent scorching.

Gooseberry and Rhubarb Marmalade:

Stem, wash and mash the gooseberries and add any proportion of young rhubarb desired. Place the mixture in a preserving kettle, add enough water to cover the bottom well, and allow it to simmer slowly until the fruit is soft. Add as much sugar as there is fruit, and continue the boiling slowly for twenty minutes longer. Seal the marmalade jars, or pour it into jelly glasses and cover it with melted paraffin.

Caution: Stir the marmalade constantly while it is boiling to prevent scorching.