Rhubarb Marmalade:

Put into preserving kettle two quarts of young rhubarb cut into cubes. Add from one to two quarts of sugar (depending upon the desired richness), the pulp and juice of two oranges, and one cupful of blanched almonds chopped fine. Boil the mixture very slowly for three hours, or until it has a rich red color. Seal the marmalade in jars or pour into jelly glasses and cover it with melted paraffin.

Note: If desired, two sliced lemons may be added; and the nuts may be omitted.

Caution: The marmalade must be stirred frequently while boiling to prevent scorching.

Rhubarb Conserve:

Cook together for five minutes two quarts of rhubarb, two and a half cupfuls of sugar, and the pulp and juice of two oranges ground fine. Add one pound of seeded raisins chopped fine and cook the mixture five minutes longer. Remove the conserve from the fire, add two cupfuls of nut meats chopped fine, and seal the conserve in jars.