Cape Gooseberry Chutney

Three pounds Cape gooseberries, half pound chopped raisins, two chopped onions, half cup brown sugar, one tablespoon salt, two teaspoons ground ginger, two teaspoons cayenne pepper, two cups vinegar. Remove the hull from gooseberries, put into a preserving pan together with all the other ingredients and cook until tender and of the right consistency. Bottle and seal.

Marrow Chutney

Peel and remove the inside of a marrow, then weigh 2 lb. of it. Cut it up into small squares, then add 1 cup sugar, 2 tablespoons salt, 8 cloves, 1 finely cut up onion, and 1 quart vinegar. Cook until marrow is soft, then leave until cool, and add 1/2 oz. mustard and 1/2 oz. turmeric made into a smooth paste with a little cold vinegar.

Quince Chutney

Three pounds quinces or sour apples, four ounces dried chillies, half a pound sugar, half a clove garlic,

1 tablespoon ground ginger, six ounces salt, one pound raisins (seeded), three pints vinegar. Peel, cut, and core the quinces or apples, boil in the vinegar until soft, rub through a sieve, then add chillies cut up fine, sugar, and other ingredients, and more vinegar if desired; simmer gently for half an hour, then put in jars.

Rhubarb Chutney

Cut up four pounds rhubarb and cook it with two cups sugar until tender, then add five chopped onions, two ounces curry powder, half teaspoon cayenne pepper, one tablespoon salt, half pound seeded raisins, and two cups vinegar. Let simmer gently until mixture is thick and all the ingredients are tender. Then bottle and seal.