Tomato Chutney

Twenty-five large tomatoes, three-quarters pound dried peaches, three-quarters pound raisins (seeded), one pound brown sugar, five ounces salt, two onions, half ounce each of ground ginger, cloves and garlic, two ounces dried chillies cut up finely, one pint vinegar. Cut up tomatoes and onions and boil together with raisins, dried peaches and garlic. When soft, pass through a mincer. Mix together with other ingredients, then simmer gently for half an hour or more, then put into jars, and when cold cover securely.

Green Tomato Chutney

Six pounds tomatoes, one pound onions, two cups golden syrup, one tablespoonful mustard, one teaspoonful (small) cayenne pepper, one tablespoonful coriander seeds, one tablespoonful allspice, one tablespoonful cloves, one bottle vinegar. Slice tomatoes and onions, put in layers with salt and leave overnight. Drain off the salt water next morning, then add other ingredients, and cook two to three hours.