Lemon Marmalade. - I

To every lemon allow one pint of boiling water and three-quarter pound sugar. Cut up the fruit into very thin slices, rejecting the seeds. Pour over them the boiling water, and leave overnight. Next morning boil for about two hours, or until quite tender, then add sugar, and cook until it jellies.

Lemon Marmalade. - II

After the fruit has been thoroughly washed, cut it up into fine shreds, taking out the seeds. Put the seeds in a basin. Weigh the sliced fruit, and to each pound add three pints of water, using some of the measured water to cover the seeds. Put aside to soak for 36 hours, then strain the liquid from the seeds on to the sliced fruit, and boil till tender. Leave until the next day, then measure or weigh again, and to every pound of fruit allow one pound of sugar. Put the fruit on the fire and bring to boiling point, then add the sugar, and cook fairly rapidly for about 45 minutes or until it sets. As soon as it has reached the jellying stage, remove from the fire and pour:nto hot sterile jars.