Every attention should be given to storing for future use. Small clean boxes of wood or stout cardboard are the best containers. Line the boxes with wax paper, pack in the dried product, adjust the lid and paste a strip of gummed paper over the edge of the lid and box to exclude air. In every case the sealing must be completed by pasting paper over the edges of the lid. Each box should be labelled with the name of the product and the date on which it was packed. Keep the boxes in a cool dry place.

If dried goods are packed away while still damp they will become either sour or develop mould and decay. It is well to inspect the dried product from time to time. Should dampness or mildew appear dip for a few seconds in boiling water and dry.

These are simple methods of drying fruit for home use. But if proper care is taken in drying and packing, an article can be turned out that will be saleable at good prices as a commercial product. For the latter the best fruit must be always chosen, and it must be free from blemish and discolouring.