Cut lemons in half lengthwise, then boil them until quite soft, and remove the pulp. Put skins into cold water. Boil sugar (2 lb. sugar and 1 pint water) to 220 degrees Fahr. Remove the skins from water and pour syrup over them in an enamelled dish, after syrup has become quite cold.

Next day drain syrup off the peels, and boil again to 224 degrees F., adding a lb. or two more of sugar. After cooling down a bit pour over peels and allow to stand overnight. Repeat the operation on the two succeeding days, the first day running the boiling temperature to 227 deg. F. and the second day to 230 deg., each time adding some more sugar. On the last occasion, instead of pouring syrup over peels put peels into the boiling syrup at 230 deg. F., then stir until the syrup turns sugary, then remove the peel and pack in boxes with sheets of waxed paper.