Take six oranges or the same number of lemons, and take off the peel in quarters, put into brine water and leave for 24 hours, then drain, rinse in clear water, and boil slowly for one hour. Then drain and make a syrup from two cups sugar and two cups water, bring to the boil and skim off all scum. Put in the peel, allow to cook for three minutes, remove from the fire and leave in the syrup for 24 hours. Then drain and boil the syrup again for 15 minutes, then add the peels and leave again in the syrup for 24 hours. Repeat the process until the peels are well saturated with syrup, then finally cook syrup to "soft ball" stage - test by dropping a little of the syrup in cold water; if it falls into a little ball and will form a small ball when rolled between the thumb and finger, the syrup has reached the desired stage - put in the peels and stir until sugar grains. Then remove and dry in the sun. Pack in boxes between layers of waxed paper.