Take soft ripe apricots, put them in salt water strong enough to float a potato and leave overnight. Peel or rub off the skins and press them between the hands to flatten and to let the stone come out, and leave them in the sun to dry. The next day repeat the process. The fruit should dry and become "mebos" in three or four days in the sun, and each day should be worked and pressed into shape with the hands. To crystallise the "mebos" lay them in lime-water for five minutes till they feel nice and tender; take out, wipe dry on a soft cloth, and rub coarse crystallised white sugar well into each, allowing 1 1/2 pounds of sugar to one pound of "mebos." Pack closely with lots of sugar in between, in jars that will cork well. This makes a very nice sweetmeat. (The lime-water is made by adding two tablespoonfuls of fine lime to a quart of boiling water. This should be mixed well, and, when the lime has drained to the bottom, the clear water may be poured into a bottle, corked, and kept for use.)