Put three tablespoonfuls of granulated gelatine or three-quarters ounce sheet gelatine into a saucepan, add to grated rind of four oranges, the juice of eight oranges, the rind and juice of one lemon, six tablespoonfulls sugar, and the white and shell of one egg, bring to boil and stir constantly until gelatine is thoroughly dissolved. Then pour through a hot jelly-bag. Leave until cold and thick, but not firm, beat with an egg-beater till foamy, then add the stiffly-beaten whites of two eggs and continue to beat with egg-beater until smooth and velvety. Pour into a cold, wet mould, and leave in a cool place to set.

Orange Cream

Follow directions for Orange Sponge, and when jelly is consistency of honey fold in one cup of whipped cream instead of egg whites. Turn into a cold, wet mould.