Three large cucumbers, sugar, water, lemons, whole ginger. Wash the cucumbers, put them into a strong brine, cover, and set aside for five days. Drain and wash in cold water and put them into a saucepan, cover with salted water, put on the lid and allow to stand over a slow fire until the cucumbers are nice and green, then remove from the fire and leave until cold. Quarter each cucumber, remove all the pulp and seeds, and allow the pieces to stand in a pan of cold water for two days, changing the water twice a day. To every pound of cucumber allow one pound of sugar, two cupfuls of water, and the thinly pared rind of one lemon and two or three pieces of slightly bruised whole ginger. Boil the sugar, water, ginger, and lemon rind together for 10 minutes, then put in the pieces of cucumber, allowing them to remain for two weeks. Every two or three days pour off the syrup and re-boil it, each time adding a little more sugar, so that at the last a thick, strong syrup is obtained. Be careful always to have the syrup quite cold before pouring it again over the pieces of cucumber. At the end of the two weeks put the cucumbers and syrup into sterilised jars and cover.