Apricot Preserve

Select firm, ripe apricots, wipe them carefully with a cloth, divide them and take out the stones, or leave them whole. Steep overnight in a solution of lime and salt water, using one tablespoonful lime and two tablespoonfuls salt to every six pints of water. Allow one pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Make a thick syrup of sugar and water, using equal proportions, put in the apricots rinsed in fresh water, and then allowed to dry slightly in the sun, and cook fairly rapidly until clear and transparent. Then fill into jars, adjust rubbers, and screw down lids tightly.

Green Apricot Preserve

Wipe apricots with a cloth, prick them with a darning-needle or fork, and lay in a basin of cold water, to which salt has been added, using about two tablespoonfuls salt to three quarts of water. Leave them overnight, then drain and rinse in fresh water and cook for about 10 minutes in fresh water. Make a heavy syrup of equal quantities sugar and water, allowing a pound of sugar to every pound of fruit. Drain the fruit from the water, then add apricots to the boiling syrup and cook for about an hour or until the fruit is nice and clear. Then fill into dry, sterilised jars, and seal tightly.