Preserved Mangoes

Use green mangoes. Chop them through lengthwise, then peel thinly. Make a syrup of sugar and water, allowing one pound of sugar to every pound of fruit, and a pint of water to every pound of sugar. When syrup boils, drop in the fruit and boil until mangoes are clear and transparent. Then fill into dry, sterilised jars and seal tightly.

Citron Preserve

Follow the directions for Pompelmoes Preserve, leaving in fresh water for seven to eight days.

Gooseberry Preserve

Prick the berries with a needle, weigh, and allow the same amount of sugar. Then cook the gooseberries in very little water until tender, drain carefully, and strain the water, to which add the sugar, allowing 1 cup of water to every 3 cups of sugar. Cook the berries in this heavy syrup until clear and transparent, then pour into dry sterilised jars, adjust the rubber rings and lids, and seal tightly.

Green Grenadilla Preserve

Peel the fruit thinly, then prick with a darning needle and leave in slightly salted water for 24 hours, after which leave in fresh water for 3 days, changing the water each day. Put on the fire and bring to boiling point, then drain and put into fresh boiling water. Cook until tender, then remove and add to boiling syrup, made of equal parts of sugar and water, allowing a pound of sugar to a pound of fruit.

Lemon Preserve

Follow the same directions as for Orange Preserve.

Pompelmoes Preserve

Peel fruit thinly, rub with salt, and leave for half an hour, then pour boiling water over. When cold make incisions in the sides and press out the seeds. Put into fresh water, and leave for at least five to seven days, changing the water twice a day, and squeezing each time. Then cook as Orange Preserve.

Strawberry Preserve

Use equal weights of sugar and strawberries. Pick over, wash, drain, and hull the strawberries. Make a thick syrup, allowing 1 cup to every 3 cups sugar, add the strawberries and cook 10 to 15 minutes.