There are several varieties of sterilisers on the market, but for household purposes they can easily be dispensed with, as any big saucepan, or even a paraffin tin, can be made to answer the purpose. All that is necessary is to improvise a false bottom, and this can easily be done by nailing strips of wood together, or several thicknesses of wire netting flattened out will do just as well. On the other hand, straw or several thicknesses old cloth may be utilised for this purpose - in fact, anything that will prevent the bottles from coming in direct contact with the bottom of the saucepan.

The advantage of a proper steriliser is that, in addition to the false bottom, it is fitted up with a thermometer, which is useful if fruit is to be done for commercial or show purposes, as some kinds are apt to break and get mushy if done at boiling point; but as far as vegetables are concerned, it is the writer's experience that it is not safe or reliable to do them below boiling point.