All kinds of meat, as well as poultry and game, can be sterilised in the same way as in the preceding recipes for vegetables. Meat, however, must be thoroughly roasted, fried, or cooked before being sterilised, and can be cut up into pieces of convenient size. It is always necessary to fill up the jar either with gravy or dripping, etc.

Roast Meat

After meat has been thoroughly roasted, cut up into convenient pieces and pack into jars while still hot. Pour over some of the gravy and sterilise the same way as green, beans according to the "Intermittent method."

Roast Chicken

Follow same directions as for Roast Meat.

Potted Meat

Any cold meat may be put through the mincer, then seasoned and flavoured, and melted butter added in the proportion of 4 to 6 ozs. to every pound of mince.

Then pack into glass jars and sterilised the same way as "Green Beans", by the "Intermittent method."

If only to be kept for a few days it is not necessary to sterilise it - simply pour melted dripping or butter on top.

Potted Ham

Pass some well-cooked ham through a mincer, add a little cayenne and some of the broth in which the ham has been cooked. Make into a stiff paste, pack into jars, and sterilise the same way as "Green Beans" by the "Intermittent method."

Potted Tongue

After tongue has been well cooked, cut into thin slices or put through a mincer, pack into jars, fill up with aspic jelly or liquor in which tongue has been cooked, and sterilise the same way as "Green Beans" by the "Intermittent" process.


After sausage has been fried, pack into jars, pour over some gravy, and sterilise the same way as "Green Beans" by the "Intermittent" process.