Red peppers. Boiling water.

Cut around the stems of the peppers and remove them, then remove the seeds. Pour boiling water over the prepared peppers, cover and let stand for six minutes, to lessen the firmness and facilitate the packing.

Pack the peppers edgewise in the jars, pressing them in; set in place on a rack in a steam cooker, first laying a folded doth over the rack.

Pour lukewarm water into the cooker, set the covers on the rack beside the jars, fill the jars to overflowing with lukewarm water, cover the cooker and let cook for one hour after the boiling begins.

Add boiling water, if needed, to fill the jars to overflow, adjust the rubbers and covers and let cook for fifteen minutes.

Tighten the covers and remove from the cooker. Wrap the jars in dark-blue paper to prevent the color from fading.

Another Method: Cut off the tips and stem ends of sweet red peppers. Remove the seeds but do not cut the peppers apart. Put them into salt water for four hours. Sterilize the jars, rubbers and covers. Split the peppers lengthwise and lay enough in one pile so that when rolled they will fit tight into the jars.

Put the rolls into a wire basket and immerse in slightly salted boiling water. Cook from fourteen to eighteen minutes or until soft. Fit the peppers into the jars, then fill to the top with the boiling water in which they were cooked. Seal the jars at once and invert.

When cold screw tighter if necessary.