1 peck crabapples. 1 quart cranberries. Sugar.

Cut the crabapples in small pieces without peeling or coring, add cold water even with the fruit and put over the fire in a porcelain-lined pan.

When about half done, add the well washed cranberries and cover. When quite soft turn into a jelly bag and let drip over night. Measure the liquid and provide an equal amount of sugar. Put the sugar into the oven, but do not let it burn.

Bring the liquid to boiling point, boil for twenty minutes, add the hot sugar, stir until dissolved, boil for three minutes and turn into glasses that have been standing in a pan of hot water.

Cover with melted paraffin.

The blending of these two fruits makes a most delicious product.

Another variation of crabapple jelly is obtained by proceeding in the same way, but omitting the cranberries. Let the sugar brown slightly in the oven before adding it to the apple juice.

After the juice has cooked for ten minutes, add the grated rind of one lemon, then add the sugar and allow to boil up for a moment. Pour into heated glasses and seal.

This jelly is of a beautiful amber color.