Currant And Cherry Preserve

3 quarts currants. 8 lbs. (16 cups) sugar. 12 quarts cherries.

Wash and stem the currants, then put them into a preserving kettle and cook until the juice begins to exude. Crush and strain to get out all the juice.

Stone the cherries and put them into a preserving pan, add the currant juice and the sugar.

Heat very slowly to boiling point, skim and then simmer for fifteen minutes.

Seal in small glasses.

Currant Marmalade

Red or black currants. Sugar.

Currant marmalade may be made of either ripe red or black currants. Strip them from the stems, wash and drain, then put in a kettle and cook and mash. Rub through a fine sieve that will prevent the seeds from going through. For every pound of the pulp allow one pound of sugar for red currants, or three-fourths pound of sugar for black or white currants.

Cook the pulp for twenty-five minutes, add the sugar, stir and cook until a little put on a cool saucer retains its shape and does not spread.

Put into jars and cover when cool.