Cucumbers. Whole peppers. Salt. Dill seed. Grape leaves. A few slices rye bread.

Wash medium sized cucumbers; put a layer of salt in a pickle crock, then a layer of grape leaves, next a layer of cucumbers packed tightly. Sprinkle with salt and lay in two or three whole peppers and a sprinkling of dill seeds. Repeat until the cucumbers are used, having the top layer of dill, grape leaves and a few slices of rye bread. A few cherry leaves and grape vine tendrils will give a little variety to the flavor.

Cover with cold water, weight down with a plate and a stone, tie a paper over the crock, and leave for twelve days, when the pickles will be ready to eat.

Another Method: Use cucumbers from six to eight inches in length. Wash and wipe carefully and arrange in layers in a large earthenware jar or a keg without a head, placing between each layer a small red pepper cut in pieces, a large bunch of dill seed on the stalk, and a layer of clean grape leaves.

Proceed in this way until all of the cucumbers have been used. Add two pounds of salt to three gallons of water, boil and skim, replacing the water that evaporates so as to retain the same quantity. Pour over the cucumbers in the keg. Spread over the top of the cucumbers more dill, a layer of clean cabbage leaves and a clean cloth. Cover with a plate and heavy stone and leave for three weeks. The cloth over the top must be taken off and washed now and then.

The pickles should be transparent with a mild sub-add flavor.