1/2 peck elderberries. 1 1/2 gallons boiling water. 3 lbs. (6 cups) sugar. 1/2 oz. ginger. 4 cloves. 8 allspice. 1 lb. chopped raisins. 1 oz. compressed yeast or 2 tablespoonfuls brewers yeast. 1/2 cup (1 gill) brandy.

Gather the berries when quite ripe and stalk them. Put one-half peck of them in a vessel, and pour on them the fast boiling water. Cover closely, and leave for twenty-four hours. Then pour through a wire sieve or through a fruit press. Measure the liquid and put it into a large preserving pan. To one gallon allow three pounds of sugar, one-half ounce of ginger, four cloves, eight allspice and one pound of chopped seeded raisins. Simmer for one hour skimming it well. Let it stand until just warm, then pour into a cask, put in a piece of toast spread with the yeast to each two gallons of wine.

Leave for two weeks or until it stops working. Then add one gill of brandy to each gallon.

Cork tightly, leave for three months, then strain and bottle.

Another Method: Boil five quarts of ripe elderberries in five gallons of water for twenty minutes. Strain and add fifteen pounds of brown sugar. Chop three pounds of raisins and pour the boiling juice over them. When lukewarm add one compressed yeast cake spread on a piece of toast. Let it stand for one week, then strain again and pour into a cask.

Allow to stand for one week, then bottle and cork.