Ginger Beer

2 ozs. bruised ginger. 2 lemons. 2 1/2 lbs. lump sugar. 3 quarts boiling water. 1 oz. cream of tartar. 1 oz. yeast cake.

Put into a saucepan the ginger, water, cream of tartar, the grated lemon rinds and the sugar and stir well until boiling. When nearly lukewarm add the yeast and stand near a warm place over night. Next day skim off the yeast, bottle and cork securely.

It will be ready for use in two weeks.

Ginger Wine

4 ozs. bruised ginger. 1/2 oz. isinglass. 4 lemons. 1 tablespoonful yeast. 1 bitter orange. 1 pint (2 cups) brandy. 3 gallons water. 1/4 lb. seeded raisins. 9 lbs. lump sugar.

Remove the rinds from the lemons and orange as thinly as possible, and add them to the water, together with the ginger, lump sugar and raisins. Boil gently for an hour, removing the scum as it rises, and then pour into a tub or large earthenware bowl. Let stand for twenty-four hours.

Strain into another tub, add the strained juice of the lemons and orange, and the isinglass and yeast. Stir well every day until fermentation ceases. Then bung tightly down, and leave for six weeks. Strain off into another cask. The addition of the brandy is an improvement, but not a necessity.

Leave the cask closely bunged for a month, and then bottle.