1 lb. fresh ginger root. 1/2 lb. green peppers. 1/2 lb. red peppers. 1 lb. seeded raisins. 3/4 quart vinegar. 3 1/2 lbs. (7 cups) sugar. 1/2 lb. onions. 1 teaspoonful salt. 1 lb. large cucumbers. 1 lb. lemons.

Peel the ginger root, then put it into a saucepan, add enough water and vinegar to cover and boil until almost tender. Drain, and put it into a preserving kettle with the onions cut in rings, the lemons cut in eighths lengthwise, the cucumbers peeled and cut in quarters, the peppers seeded and cut into three inch squares, raisins, salt, vinegar and sugar.

Boil for one hour.

Seal in wide-mouthed bottles.

This chutney is delicious with mutton, boiled tongue or other meats.

Chutneys and catchups are intended to act upon the taste in direct contrast to the meats with which they are eaten, and therefore spices, aromatic flavors and acids assume the ascendant.