Nasturtium seedpods. Spices. Vinegar.

Nasturtium seedpods make a delicious pickle and also serve admirably as a substitute for capers. An ordinary plot of nasturtium, if allowed to go to seed, will supply a generous number of the pods. They should be gathered when good sized but green, and should not be cut close to the plant, but with a little stem.

Let stand in strong brine for forty-eight hours, then rinse thoroughly. Cover with clear cold water and let stand over night.

Drain and pack the pods in dry, small-sized bottles.

Into a preserving kettle put some vinegar and spice, allowing one blade of mace, one bay leaf, twelve whole white peppers and one teaspoonful of sugar for each pint.

Heat these ingredients to the boiling point. In the meantime heat the bottles in which the pods have been packed, and fill up with the hot vinegar, seal air-tight and store in a cool place for four months before using.