1 peck large gherkins. 1 oz. white peppercorns.

1 quart large pickling onions. Cider vinegar.

1 oz. celery seeds. Olive oil.

1 oz. mustard seeds.

Wash and slice the cucumbers and onions, and allow to stand in brine for twelve hours. Drain well and pack down in clean, air-tight jars. For each jar allow two cupfuls of cider vinegar and one-half cupful of olive oil.

Mix the vinegar and spices together and boil for five minutes. Allow to cool and add the olive oil, mixing well. Pour over the cucumbers, being careful to have the spices evenly mixed. If there is not sufficient vinegar to cover the pickles, add sufficient cold vinegar.

Another Method: One hundred small cucumbers, one quart of small white onions, one-half cupful of celery seeds, one-fourth cupful of black peppercorns, one-half cupful of whole mustard seeds, four sliced red peppers, one cupful of olive oil and one tablespoonful of pulverized alum. Slice the cucumbers, put them in layers in a jar with salt and let them remain for three hours. Drain and wash. Mix the cucumbers with all the other ingredients in a large basin, taking care that the oil and spices are thoroughly mixed through the pickles.

Pack in jars and cover with cold vinegar. Tie paper across the top.