100 gherkins. Vinegar. 4 chopped green peppers. 4 ozs. (1/2 cup) salt. 12 allspices. 3 cinnamon sticks. 3 blades mace. 1 onion. 1 oz. mustard seeds. 2 bay leaves. 12 whole peppers.

Wash the gherkins and put them into cold salt water for a few hours. Care should be taken that none of the small gherkins are bruised or they will not keep, and will spoil others. Now take them out of the cold brine, wipe them with a soft cloth and put them into boiling brine strong enough to carry an egg. Let them remain in this brine for twenty-four hours; then take them out, wipe them, put them into jars and cover them with the following solution, which should be hot but not boiling.

Into enough cold vinegar to cover the gherkins put the peppers, salt, spices and onion. Make the mixture thoroughly hot, just under boiling point, and pour it over the gherkins.


The pickles will be ready in three weeks.