4 lbs. apricots. Sugar. 1 large pineapple.

Wash the apricots well, but do not peel them. Break them in halves, saving ten of the kernels.

Peel and shred the pineapple, put it into a saucepan and place over a slow fire. When it reaches boiling point, add the apricots and the seed kernels.

Boil very slowly for about one hour, then weigh. Add an equal amount of heated sugar and continue to cook slowly until thick.

Pour into heated glasses, and when cold cover with melted paraffin and lids.

Another Method: Scald and peel ten pounds of apricots, then boil them in their own juice for three-fourths of an hour, add seven pounds of sugar and boil for ten minutes; then add one can of pineapple cut in small pieces, and the strained juice of four lemons, and boil for ten minutes; add one-half cupful of blanched almonds and three blanched and chopped apricot kernels.