100 gherkins. 1 piece bruised ginger. 1 gallon vinegar root. 12 allspices. 24 cloves. 12 whole peppers. 1 lb. (2 cups) brown sugar. 3 cinnamon sticks.

When making sweet pickles one must cook them in the solution long enough to have it penetrate through them and make them uniformly sweet. Sweet pickles should be sufficiently cooked to keep without being hermetically sealed.

Put the spices in a small bag. Mix the vinegar and sugar in a porcelain-lined kettle, add the gherkins and spice bag, then set over the fire until the mixture reaches boiling point. Remove to the side of the fire and keep simmering for three hours or until the liquid is syrupy, but not thick.

Drain the gherkins, pack them on ends in jars or bottles and cover them with the liquid.

Seal and set away in a dark place for three weeks when they will be ready for use.