Citron melons. Seeded raisins. Ginger root. Lemons. Sugar.

Peel off the green rind of the melons, cut them in halves and remove the soft centers. Then cut the fruit into diamonds, strips, or any fancy shapes preferred.

Weigh, and for each six pounds of the prepared fruit allow one quart of water and one-fourth pound of ginger root.

Clean and scrape the root, put all into a preserving kettle and place at the back of the stove, where the mixture will simmer for one and one-half hours.

Meantime make a syrup, using five pounds of sugar for every six pounds of fruit and adding two cupfuls of water to the sugar. Remove the ginger root from the citron and, when the sugar is dissolved, pour the syrup over the citron and cook for one-half hour longer. Then skim out the fruit and spread on a platter, letting it stand in the sunshine or in the oven while the raisins and lemons are added to the syrup. Use three lemons and one pound of raisins. The lemons should be sliced thin and the seeds rejected. Cook until a rich, thick syrup results. Return the melon to the syrup, cook for fifteen minutes longer, then divide into jars and seal.

Melon preserve is usually made with the melon cut in dice, but it is far more delicious when grated, and the syrup and flavorings penetrate quicker. Cook the grated citron melon in a rich syrup flavored with grated lemon rind and strained lemon juice. One-half lemon to two cupfuls of sugar is a good allowance.