Morello cherries. Sugar.

Stone the cherries, and if morello or pie cherries are used, allow one cupful of sugar to every pound of fruit; if ox-hearts, one-half cupful of sugar to every pound of fruit.

Put the cherries into a preserving kettle, cover them with the sugar and let them stand for two hours, then place over a moderate fire and bring to boiling point.

Skim and seal in jars.

Another Method: Wipe and stone some cherries, then cover them with vinegar and allow them to stand over night in a cool place. Next day drain off the vinegar and cherry juice. Put the cherries into a stone crock with alternate layers of sugar, allowing three-fourths of a pound of sugar for every pint of cherries. Cover and keep in a cool place.

Stir with a wooden spoon, gently, so as not to break the fruit, every day for ten days.

Seal in small jars.

The vinegar and cherry juice may be boiled with sugar for a beverage.