Brandied Cherries

Cherries. Brandy. Cloves. Coriander seeds. Anise seeds. A rich sugar syrup.

Select large ripe cherries, let the stems remain on, make a small hole with a large needle at the ends opposite to the stems, put them into cold water, then drain and place in clean jars.

Pour over them a rich syrup of boiling sugar and allow to remain for one day in this, then drain this off entirely and boil it again, adding two cupfuls of the syrup to two pints of the best brandy.

Pour this over the fruit, and on the top of each jar place a muslin bag containing one-fourth of an ounce of cloves, one-half ounce of coriander seeds and one-half ounce of anise seeds.

Cork up tightly and expose to the sun for four weeks, then remove the spice bags, cork again and shake the jars so that all of the aromatic flavor will be imparted to the syrup.

When taking out the cherries for use be careful to cork the mouth of the jar in order to exclude the air.

Brandied Peaches

Peaches. Sugar. Brandy.

Make a syrup of eight cupfuls of sugar and two pints of water. Let it come to boiling point, then cook for eight minutes, and add four pounds of peeled peaches. Cook for five minutes longer, then skim out the peaches and pack them in sterilized glass jars. Boil the syrup until it thickens, add two cupfuls of brandy, and pour at once into the jars.

Cover and seal.

Pears may be brandied in the same way.