Apricots. Brandy. Sugar.

Wipe off the down from the fruit, and prick each apricot to the stone with a needle. Put them into a saucepan, and scald with boiling water. Cover for five minutes, then take them out to drain and dry.

To one dozen large apricots allow two cupfuls of sugar. Make a clear syrup, composed of one gill of water to every pound of sugar, and one white of egg. Put in the apricots, and let the fruit and syrup come to a boil. Remove from the fire, and allow the fruit to remain in the syrup until next day. In the morning take out the apricots and set the pan over the fire. When it has boiled for five minutes put in the apricots, and let the whole boil for five minutes longer. Then take out the fruit and allow it to become cold. Boil down the syrup to one-half its original quantity, taking care that it does not boil long enough to congeal or to become thick. Put the apricots into a glass jar, and pour the syrup over them.

Fill up the jar with the best brandy, and seal at once.