Pineapple Honey

Pineapples. Sugar.

Pare and remove the eyes from ripe pineapples, then put them through a food chopper. Take one pound of sugar for every pound of fruit. Mix well and let stand until the sugar is thoroughly dissolved.

Cook slowly until fruit is tender and syrup clear.

Skim carefully, pour into glasses, and seal with paraffin.

Pineapple Liqueur

Ripe pineapples. Sugar. Brandy. 6 cloves. 2 inches cinnamon stick.

Peel, remove the eyes and then slice ripe pineapples; lay the slices in a deep dish, sprinkling them with sugar, and allowing one ounce of sugar for each pound of fruit. Allow to stand for twenty-four hours, then strain off the juice, and for every pint allow one quart of brandy, six ounces of crushed lump sugar, six cloves and two inches of cinnamon stick.

Put all into a tightly covered jar, with the slices of pineapple, and leave for one month, then strain off, bottle, and cork down securely.