No storeroom is properly equipped unless it has a few varieties of spicy pickles, relishes, and condiments, and as they need not be sealed hot, nor require more than ordinary care in their preparation, small lots may be put up whenever you have time or the opportunity to procure good material.

Cucumbers Put Up In Oil

Proportions. One half peck of small, green cucumbers (five to six inches long) ; six medium sized onions; two red peppers; one small piece of ginger root; one quart of pickling vinegar; one half pound of granulated sugar; four tablespoons of best olive oil; coarse salt as needed, one third to one half cupful.

Method. Pare and slice the cucumbers and onions, sprinkle the salt over them, toss up with two forks and set aside over night. In the morning drain in sieve; seed and slice the peppers, and add these and spices to pickles, boil the sugar and vinegar well, and when cold add the oil, stir in the pickles, and place in sterilized (cold) jars, putting on glass tops.