As long as it was customary to make grapes into either jelly or wine, raspberry shrub was one of the favorite unfermented homemade beverages, and its delicate flavor will always make it an acceptable drink. Of late, however, grape juice has been rapidly growing in popularity. Properly made, it is not only one of the most delicious drinks but has no little value as a food and as a corrective of digestion. In many cases it may be prepared at home very economically. Grapes thrive almost everywhere in this country, yield abundantly, and are not expensive.

Raspberry Shrub (Vinegar) - How To Make Beverages

Method. Place ripe red raspberries in a crock and cover with cider vinegar. Let 6tand twenty-four hours, then boil gently for ten minutes and strain through cheesecloth bag. When well dripped, measure the juice and boil ten minutes. Add an equal amount of sugar, boil twenty minutes, and let cool; then place in sterilized bottles and seal when cold. A combination of currants and raspberries can be used, making a rich fruit vinegar.

This makes a delicious cooling drink diluted with ice water.

Grape Nectar - How To Make Beverages

Take the juice of two lemons and one orange, a pint of grape juice, a small cup of sugar, and a pint of water. Serve ice cold. If served from punch bowl, sliced lemon and orange add to the appearance.

An Invalid Drink - How To Make Beverages

Put in the bottom of a wine glass two tablespoons of grape juice; add to this the beaten white of one egg and a little chopped ice; sprinkle sugar over the top and serve. This is often served in sanitariums.

Grape Punch - How To Make Beverages

Boil together one pound of sugar and half a pint of water until it spins a thread; take from the fire and when cool add the juice of six lemons and a quart of grape juice. Stand aside over night. Serve with plain water, apollinaris, or soda water.

Grape Sherbet - How To Make Beverages

For eight persons mix one pint of grape juice (unfermented), juice of lemon, and one heaping tablespoon of gelatine, dissolved in boiling water; freeze quickly; add beaten white of one egg just before finish.

Grape Ice Cream - How To Make Beverages

One quart of unfermented grape juice, one quart of cream, one pound of sugar, and the juice of one lemon.

Syllabub - How To Make Beverages

One quart of fresh cream, whites of four eggs, one glass of grape juice, two small cups of powdered sugar; whip half the sugar with the cream, the balance with the eggs ; mix well; add grape juice and pour over sweetened strawberries and pineapples, or oranges and bananas. Serve cold.

Bohemian Cream - How To Make Beverages

One pint thick cream, one pint grape juice jelly; stir together; put in cups and set on ice. Serve with lady fingers.