Bar-le-duc is a delicious preserve made of currants, the choicest kinds being made of seeded currants. Many use the whole fruit as it is very tedious to extract the seeds. Both red and white currants, preferably a variety, can be used, and an authority on fruit tells of Bar-le-duc made of strained raspberries and whole currants.

Method. No water is to be used. Crush a quantity of currants, set over low flame and let simmer to extract juice. Drip this in a clean bag, measure juice, then seed, or strip currants from the stems. Take as much sugar as juice and prepared currants. Cook juice ten minutes, add half of the sugar and cook five minutes. Add the whole currants and cook five minutes. Add remainder of sugar and as soon as dissolved test it, for it is likely to jelly almost immediately. Put in small glasses like jelly.

Bar-Le-Duc With Raspberries

Method. Mash and strain raspberries for the juice, then use the currants and sugar as directed in foregoing recipe.