Proportions. Six cups of prepared cucumbers; two cups of chopped onions; three red and one green pepper; six tablespoons of salt; two tablespoons of mixed spices; one and one-half cups of vinegar; one and one-half cups of sugar.

Method. Select firm green cucumbers as for salad, pare, and scrape out the seeds, run through food chopper, salt, and set aside over night. In the morning drain in a sieve and measure, then seed the peppers, skin the onions, run through chopper, and add to cucumbers, mixing well. Now boil the sugar and vinegar together. When cold, pour over the prepared pickles, add spices, stir together, and fill into wide-mouthed bottles. Put into glass jars. Seal the tops of the bottles with melted paraffin, and tie up the top with heavy paper. Keep in cool place.