Raspberry Juice

Method. Place the raspberries in a bowl and crush with a wooden masher. Add a very little water, just enough to let the liquid show on top of the berries. Place in kettle and boil until quite soft, then strain through wet cheesecloth bag and let drip several hours. Measure, and use an equal amount of sugar; boil for ten minutes, then place in scalded jars and seal as for canned fruit.

Strawberry Juice

Method. Follow directions for raspberry juice. This, as well as raspberry juice, can be canned with only a small amount of sugar and used later in the season in connection with some tart fruit juice to make jelly.

Currant Juice

Method. Place the berries, unstemmed, in a preserving kettle and mash well with wooden masher. Cover with just enough water to show through the fruit, and boil slowly until berries are soft. Let them drip in cheesecloth bag over night. Measure, take an equal amount of sugar, or less, boil ten minutes, and bottle in hot fruit jars.