Jelly is practically a rich strained fruit juice combined with equal portions of sugar and cooked until it is a firm, gelatinous substance. Observe this general rule: Never buy over-ripe fruit that has been lying in the markets for some days; never make jelly on damp or rainy days, nor have much steam about the kitchen during the time of making. Dry sunny weather for picking as well as preserving the fruit gives best results. When using large, rather dry, fruit a certain amount of water is needed to secure the desired juice, but small and watery fruit, especially berries, require very little water. Some cooks pride themselves on a large yield from a small amount of fruit, but they sacrifice quality for quantity. If jelly is not of good consistency after cooking the outside limit of time, can it, according to directions given. Recooked jelly, especially if more sugar is added, is time and material wasted.

Marmalade might be classed as a cross between jam and jelly, as it is fruit rubbed through a colander to extract seeds and skin, but with all solid fruit pulp retained. It is made on the same principle as jam, and of almost any kind of fruit or combination of fruits. If small portions of different fruits are at hand, one or two glasses of marmalade may be easily made.

Gooseberry Jelly

Method. Select small green berries, cover with water in kettle, boil until tender. Strain, and make by general directions.

Cherry Jelly

(Best if combined with other fruit)

Method. Stem very tart under-ripe cherries, then add just enough water to keep from burning, and boil slowly until tender. Unless there is certainty that the cherries are tart enough to jelly, combine with currants or unripe gooseberries, as cherry jelly alone is apt to cloy and may not stiffen. Proceed according to general directions.

Grape Jelly

Method. Stem and wash red or blue unripe grapes, cover with water, and boil until soft. Proceed according to general directions.

Green Grape Jelly

Method. Take green Niagara grapes or very unripe Californias, then prepare according to directions for other grape jelly and use general directions for the making.