Proportions. Tart, firm crabapples as needed; three cups of cider vinegar; one cup of water; three cups of sugar; spice bag size of an egg.

Method. Select perfect small red or yellow crabapples, remove any blemishes, but leave the stems. Boil the sirup with spice bag for ten minutes, then drop in some of the apples and cook for fifteen minutes. Take out carefully and put in big glass jars. When all apples have been cooked, pour on enough sirup to cover, set spice bag away in cup, cover the jars, and let stand for twenty-four hours. Then pour off sirup and boil again. Wait two days and then boil the apples and sugar with spice bag until apples are tender. If there is surplus sirup, boil it down somewhat, then fill jars to overflowing, and when cold put on tops.