Method. Prepare the cucumbers as directed for mustard pickles, but do not salt. As soon as all the pickles are cut, wipe the pieces carefully, lay in a jar or crock, and pour good, cold, uncooked pickling vinegar over them. Let stand twenty-four hours, then pour off the vinegar and measure. To each pint of vinegar add half a pound of sugar, a small spice bag (stick cinnamon and whole cloves tied in a cloth), and boil for ten minutes. Now add the cucumbers, and cook until the pickles begin to get soft. Pour all into the jar and let stand four days. Now put the mixture back into the kettle and cook until pickles are transparent and can be readily pierced with a straw. Place in glass jars, and put on the top after they are cold. The spice bag must be removed after the first cooking, and set aside in a covered bowl until the second cooking.